Periodontal Treatment

There are many different types of oral infections that people suffer from. It is as a result of these infections that you need to ensure that you visit your dentist regularly. Conditions such as periodontal may seem harmless in the beginning, but their effects can grow exponentially over time leading to teeth loss. Periodontal or gum disease as it is popularly called is an oral condition that causes inflammation of the soft tissue around your teeth. With time, this swelling usually translates to the weakening of teeth leading to their eventual loss.

Despite its seriousness, a number of people do not understand how the disease comes about. In many cases, it results from the action of bacteria on plaque or tartar. Therefore, you can easily avoid it by brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. However, you can also catch it if you are a heavy smoker. It could also result from other illnesses like diabetes and cancer.

Fortunately, anyone who may have it can get periodontal treatment from his or her dentist. Starting this treatment early enough is key in ensuring that you do not lose your teeth. Depending on its seriousness, you may have to undergo deep cleaning coupled with different medications to fight bacteria and curb its spread or dental surgery to treat it. Scaling and root planning is a treatment option that involves scrapping tartar and eliminating rough spots on the tooth root to keep away germs. Today, a number of dentists use laser technology to clean your teeth if you begin showing signs of gum disease.

Periodontal treatment Sherman Oaks for oral health

Periodontal treatment Sherman oaks

Alternatively, your dentist may recommend flap surgery together with bone and tissue grafts in extreme cases of gum disease. Flap surgery is important in removing the tartar that is deposited in deep pockets found in your gum. Other than attempting to fill these pockets, the loose gums are also lifted and sutured back in place. After the surgery, this gum is usually able to hold onto your teeth firmly keeping them strong once again. In very extreme cases, the dentist may have to carry out other procedures that will help in regenerating lost tissue. This usually involves bone grafting for guided tissue regeneration. The dentists could also suggest growth factors help in tissue growth.

Periodontal treatment is important in helping you fight numerous health issues that may arise from the disease. Furthermore, getting these procedures done will not only save your teeth but also restore the beautiful smile you had before and your self-confidence too.

Regardless of the treatment option that you choose, you need to ensure that it is carried out by a dentist that you can trust to accomplish it successfully. A dentist that is located in Sherman Oaks and know periodontal diseases. Dental experts like Lasting Impression Dental Spa doctors can guarantee you the success that you need without unnecessary pain and discomfort as you undergo the procedure.