Prosthetic teeth or dentures are referred to many as fake teeth have been specifically designed to replace missing teeth and diseased teeth. The dentures fit in the mouth cavity of each patient with precision with the support of soft and hard tissues that surround them. They are ordered exclusively by each patient and are custom made to fit the patient’s dental alignment. It’s imperative to not that sets of dentures have been found to date from as early as the 15th century and there is a high probability that they existed long before. They were carved from ivory, bone or made up teeth from dead or living donors.

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At present, people who have lost their teeth or have suffered from dental diseases which are caused by periodontal diseases or Dental imperfection. These people are time and again advised by the dentist to have their teeth replaced either fully or partially by a set of dentures after all other treatment options have been ruled out including cleaning, gum flap surgery, medication or a combined effort of these. One should remember that teeth whether natural or artificial support both the lips and cheeks and give the owner a youthful look and an ever dashing smile than a person who is devoid of teeth.

There are two types of dentures; complete or partial. When the entire set of teeth on either the upper or lower jaw has to be replaced, then complete dentures are used. There are four types of complete dentures which include Cu-Sil dentures, implant retail dentures, standard dentures, and immediate dentures. Standard dentures are for those patients who have lost an entire set of teeth, immediate dentures are referred to as temporary dentures and are constructed before extracting the natural tooth, implant retains dentures have titanium fitted in them and finally Cu-Sin dentures are for single tooth and stabilize the entire denture.

Partial dentures are known to be used in cases where patients have lost a few teeth and are either fixed or removable variety and one has to choose between the two. Denture teeth are made of either plastic or porcelain materials. Porcelain is considered a better match with natural teeth because it’s durable and can be colored to fit the color teeth of the patient. Porcelain is also harder than plastic. Dentures help one in three ways, namely retention, stability, and support and if you need denture repair in Sherman Oaks CA they all have a huge bearing in the denture wearing experience and should be considered by all.

Dentures are not meant to last a lifetime and so they have to be replaced. The bone that supports these dentures becomes eroded over time and hence the need to replace them is needed. It’s recommended that one should have a new set of dentures made every five to seven years. The age-old search for dentures that are comfortable to wear has been achieved by the use of soft, flexible and easily replaceable liners that are satisfactory thanks to dentures. If you are looking to have a cosmetic dentist look after you, visit Lasting Impressions Dental Spa doctors who are highly rated in your area if you are looking to fix your dentures in Sherman Oaks.