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What does a general or cosmetic dentist do?
If you are not feeling comfortable when smiling, you may need to visit a cosmetic or general dentist who carries out cosmetic dentistry. Restoring your grin is the first step to your self-confidence. It is embarrassing to speak in public if you have stained or crooked teeth. But first, let’s check out what a general dentist does.
Cosmetic dentists provide much-improved expertise in addition to the skills of a general dentist to assist patients. Below are a handful of the things cosmetic dentists do to restore your beautiful smile.
Tooth reshaping
This is done on people who feel as if their teeth are worn down, too sharp, or abnormally shaped. In this case, the general cosmetic dentist applies the techniques to reshape your teeth for an attractive appearance. For example, a dentist may use porcelain veneers to reshape your tooth because they can be restyled as you wish.
Replace missing teeth
It doesn’t matter if you have some gaps or several missing teeth in your mouth. A cosmetic dentist can reinstate the smile with a natural tooth-like restoration. The dentist can use dental crowns, bridges, implants, and dentures to fill your gaps.
Restore broken teeth
Cracks, chips, cracks, and discoloration can expose many years of wearing away on your teeth. Cosmetic dentists apply processes, for example, porcelain or bonding to hide the damage and improve the appearance of the tooth. If the tooth is severely damaged for instance broken teeth or badly decayed a dental crown offers a normal-looking tooth restoration that provides essential support and structure.
Whiten teeth
According to studies, expert tooth whitening is secure and more efficient than the DIY remedies. Maybe it is the most famous cosmetic dentistry process at the moment. Nearly every cosmetic dentist offers an extensive range of in-office tooth whitening methods for a brighter, clean smile.
Lengthen small teeth
Some people feel uncomfortable about small teeth. Each tooth can have dental veneers bonded to each its surface to adjust the shape and length. The two of you can choose the color, size, and shape of the veneers so that they match into a stunning smile that goes hand in hand with your mouth.
Root canal treatment
This is another procedure your general cosmetic dentist can perform. The process is performed when the pulp in a tooth gets infected. If you notice your pulp has been infected, you can either choose to go to a general dentist or a specialist to perform this procedure on you.
There are several procedures a general cosmetic dentist can perform, but these are just a few of them.
If you need the cosmetic dentistry procedure performed it is necessary to find the best and experienced dentist to handle the process. If you are looking for the expert dentist in dental procedures and wondering where to find, consult our doctors. Better to hire the most qualified dentist than to regret later. Our dentist is not only a professional but assists you to change your appearance.

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Porcelain veneers Encino done for natural looking teeth

Porcelain veneers: What are the benefits?
You may have heard about porcelain veneers during your visit to the dentist. These are small bits of porcelain used to remake regular appearance of teeth. A dental technologist usually makes them. They can regularly be a substitute for crowns. They are also considered the best solution in dealing with many dental issues. The porcelain veneers may require replacement after some time because they are not permanent.
Reasons for having porcelain veneers
People are different, and the reasons for having porcelain differ from one individual to another. Check below to find out why you may need veneers.

  • If you have crooked teeth
  • Chipped or worn teeth
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Unwanted spaces
  • If you have too large or small teeth
  • You want to have an even white stunning smile
    How is the procedure done?
    The procedure may require you to make two visits to your dentists. A little anesthesia may be necessary. Preparation of the teeth involves calmly shaping and rubbing the surface to create the veneer thickness. A mold of the teeth is removed. You and the dentist choose the color.
    During your next visit, the dentist will clean the teeth with exceptional fluids to attain a stable bond. Bonding cement is put between the veneer and the tooth, and an unusual light beam is applied to strengthen and place the bond.
    After the procedure
    Your dentist will provide you with veneers care instruction. Ensure to floss, brush and make regular visits to the dentist to help extend the life of the veneers.
    Benefits of porcelain veneers
    You are not receiving porcelain veneers for the sake. Apparently, there some advantages that you expect to get after the procedure and here are some of them.

    You must note that each patient is given customized veneers and that means it is hard to differentiate between them and natural teeth. They are comprised of high-tech materials that are capable of resisting tea and coffee stains, as well cigarette smoke –something that natural teeth struggle with. In most cases, natural teeth are not altered when being fitted, which makes them so different from crowns. Additionally, they help to whiten even the darkest teeth and make them appear bright white. Sometimes they can be recommended by dentists when small gaps, minor twists, and overlaps need to be fixed.
    Below we have covered some of the benefits associated with veneers:

  • They can last for a long time if they are well maintained
  • They are stain and chipping resistant compared to other dental procedures because of the material strength
  • Natural teeth remain mainly unharmed with just the least alterations to match the veneer.
  • It matches even with teeth that resist whitening
  • The procedure is quick and straightforward
  • Can help fix overlaps, mall gaps, and minor twists
    This treatment is safe, but you should be careful when choosing your dentist. A qualified doctor can help you minimize the risks. If you are considering porcelain veneers as an alternative treatment to other procedures, let our doctor do it for you. He is the leading dentist in such processes in the country and has done several other dental procedures successfully.

Dental Implants Encino CA Center

All you should know about dental implants
Losing one or more teeth might make you feel uncomfortable to talk or smile. If you have lost a tooth and are having a tough time to grin, dental implants are the solution. These are artificial tooth roots used to hold up a restoration for lost teeth. Whether you have failing or missing teeth, dental implant procedure will help you regain your lost self-confidence. Here is what you must know about this dental process.
Why you may need to have dental implant procedure
There are various reasons for you to consider dental implant procedure as the best solution for your missing teeth. Here are some of them:

  • Tooth implants do not affect the neighboring teeth
  • Can restore speech, digestion, and chewing issues
  • Holds a denture or bridge making them comfortable
  • Can solve teeth problems
  • They are comparable to teeth
  • Before dental implant procedure
    Like it is with other treatment, ensure any other oral health problems you have are under control ahead of the process. Health issues, for instance, gum disease, and tooth decay are said to make the procedure ineffective. Additionally, if you smoke, it is recommended that you avoid doing so as it can affect the process of anchoring a dental implant to the jaw. After your dentist establishes that your oral health is okay, treatment can kick off.
    The procedure
    This is a surgical procedure, and thus the surgeon administers you with local anesthetic. The surgeon dentist will make incisions on the gum to expose the bone where the implant will be placed. What follows is the drilling of holes in the bone. This will create space for an implant that is put into the bone while the area is anesthetized. It is after that allowed to cure and integrate itself onto the bone for up to six months.
    At times a subsequent operation may be required based on the kind of implant. This will help place the post that will support the false tooth firmly. The implant is rooted deep into the bone as it will work as a tooth root.
    What to expect after procedure
    You may experience some discomfort like minor bleeding, swelling of face and gums, and skin and gum bruises. In case you continue experiencing discomfort some days after the procedure, contact your surgeon. It is also vital to eat soft foods as the area of the implant heals.
    Maintenance after the procedure
    Dental implants are comparable to teeth, and that is why you should care for them like your natural teeth. Ensure you floss, brush, good eating habits, and visit the dentist regularly to extend their lifetime. The dentist will provide you with care instructions that you should follow.
    Do you have missing teeth? If you are considering dental implant procedure, Dr. Kashani is the expert in this process with several years of experience. Dental implant procedure can do magic to your self-esteem. Many people who could not smile due to lost teeth feel confident after having Dr. James perform the process.

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